100 days in the dprk

100 days in the dprk

work in progress.  it is difficult to understand life in the moment; only through reflection do we come to fully live our experiences.  through photo and memory, a journal of recognition between impossibly distant expanses: 100 days in the dprk north korea working as a tour leader with koryo tours between 2008 and 2014.

roughly focused on road life, the view out the bus window, hotels, architecture, transport, meals and that sort of thing. 

found in the dprk is a similar journal which details found objects, bricolage, images, curios, tchotchkes and other terrifically interesting things I happened across in the dprk, including items from retro dprk which was a project that I did a few years back.

#100daysinthedprk #hotelsofthedprk #railwaysofthedprk #architectureofthedprk

revolutionary chandelier with water-element in the rain
juche tower
[2008 pyongyang]

verdant reception
grand people's study house
[2012 pyongyang]